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A visit to the dentist is certainly one of the possibilities of visiting Casa Nabucco. It is possible to renovate your teeth here on the Costa Blanca during your (vacation) stay. For much less costs than in the Netherlands you can have crowns, bridges or implants placed here. (list) And in between enjoying your stay. You fly low budget to Spain with e.g. Tansavia or Ryanair rent a car at the airport and stay the period in Casa Nabuccu.
You can read how this happened to me below at my dentist visit (my experience).

List of price indications (dec 2020)

Tooth discolorations
Incomplete teeth (renovation)
Uneven or crooked teeth
Teeth too long or too short
Cavities, caries
A toothache or toothache
Nerve inflammation
Root canal treatment
Loose teeth
Removal of wisdom teeth

  • You can read how that happened to me below.
    I myself went to the Spanish dentist in 2020 for two broken teeth. After I had removed the roots in the Netherlands at the oral surgeon…
    November 2020 After a very simple contact legging via the whats app with dentist La zania an appointment was made in December.
    First impression of the dentist:

My experience

First impression of the dentist:
After finding the dentist’s practice on the main road between Alicante and Cartagena ( 332) I could easily park my car. The practice I entered also gave me a good feeling, clean, tight and light. I was helped on time and time was taken for me.

After an inspection by me mouth and immediately pictures of the problem fell, a 3D scan was made in consultation with me. This was definitely worth the price it gave and a very good picture of the upper and lower jaw where all teeth can be viewed in 3d separately. Both I had to pay € 70,– for the 3d scan and … for the pictures I have to stay in the Netherlands as well.Afterwards, on the same day I discussed the diagnosis, made the next plan and discussed the possible costs with me.

The upper jaw

Here the 3 d scan showed that the bone had not grown enough so I will go back in a few months….. Continued.

he Tlower jaw